America’s Music

Facilitators:    Edie Thompson, 484-2039,                                       Linda Messersmith 493-0707, Dates:             Fridays, January 15– March 4, 2016 Time:              9:30 AM 11:30 AM                        Text:               No text                             Presentations:  Required

We seem to be hard-wired for music; making or listening to music is closely woven into our lives. Class members will choose one of their favorite genres, sharing their enthusiasm using tapes, LPs, DVD’s, or CD’s, a keyboard, or other instrument. Tell us something about the composers, the musicians, and/or the period in America’s history. Choices will be made from a list of 23 types of music, ranging from the indigenous peoples, through early European settlements, to our lifespan. Books outlining some of the music types will be available for you to use. Your personal collection or library items can be used.

In our first class, class members will choose their type of music and we’ll schedule the presentations. A special guest will share a personal story of a life devoted to music. Except for the day you share your contribution to the class, you’ll just lean back to listen and learn and enjoy!