Beyond Religion

Facilitator:    Guy Curtis,
Dates:            Thursdays, January 15 - March 5, 2015                            (Six Weeks)                                         Time:             1:00PM-3:00PM
Text:             None Required

This is a 6-week class for skeptical free thinkers. I recall the time I started questioning my own and other’s beliefs, especially blind obedience to scripture and religious practices, particularly of Christianity. The issue of religion-sponsored violence led Samuel to write his first book “A Pox on All Their houses.” You need an open mind to take this class.

This class will be about more than whether Christ rose from the dead, biblical contradictions, and whether the Bible, including the Old Testament, is actually the word of God.

The class will be based on guided questions and discussion only. Books and references for members’ discussion material will be suggested by me as facilitator.