Eclectic Collecting

Facilitators:  Mac McNeill, Roger Myers & Tom Rowland, 377-2012                                    
Dates:           Wednesdays, September 10 - October 29, 2014                      
Time:             9:30 AM - 11:30 AM


According to AARP, most seniors collect something. We collect books, stamps, dolls, travel memorabilia, and Pez dispensers (the item that started EBay); the list of collectibles is almost endless. People who study collecting behavior speculate that we might have a collecting gene, evolved from a time when hunting, gathering, and storing were necessary for survival. It might be impossible not to collect. At least that’s what we tell our spouses.

Eclectic Collecting is designed to give you the opportunity to share the things you love with people who understand and appreciate your efforts. It will be a “show and tell” for adults. Every participant will get a chance to “show” one or two collections and to “tell” us how you got started and what you find most fascinating about your collections.

Your facilitators have a combined collecting experience of over 100 years and many personal collections. They have bought and sold collectibles on eBay, at yard sales, shows, and flea markets, and Tom, for many years, owned Happenstance Books and Antiques. More importantly, they love collections and the people who build them.

No textbook is required, just the desire to share your treasures and experiences.