Exemplary Woman Scientists You've Never Heard of--and Why

 This is a six-week course rather than an 8-week course

Facilitator:      Mary McClintock, 484-5163, mcclintockm@comcast.net                                      Dates:            Wednesdays, March 23—April 27, 2016  Time:              9:30 AM - 11:30 AM                          Text:               Headstrong: 52 Women Who Changed Science and the World, by Rachel Swaby         Presentation:    Brief presentations required

A number of remarkable women have been scientists. You’ve probably heard of Madame Curie and her daughter, and perhaps Rosalind Franklin or Barbara McClintock—but how many others can you name? We will explore the female scientists throughout history and will highlight the obstacles that women have encountered in their careers. We’ll see that many lacked role models as well as the educational opportunities of their male counterparts. Gender discrimination, sometimes on an individual basis and sometimes organizational and societal, is a recurring theme. Individual styles of doing science have affected outcomes. In spite of these obstacles, hundreds of women have made significant contributions in medicine, chemistry, physics, biology, mathematics, and astronomy.

Each class participant will be required to give a brief presentation on a scientist.