Exploration of Humor-Time For A Good Laugh

Facilitator: Kay Gillespie, 226-3731, kaygi2@aol.com
Wednesday mornings, September 11—October 30, 2019
9:30 AM - 11:30 AM

Through this class we will explore the concept and the reality of humor. During the first class we will collectively articulate the framework for doing so by addressing the following questions:

  • 􏰀  What is the psychological importance of humor – do we need it?

  • 􏰀  What constitutes humor – how do we define it?

  • 􏰀  Is humor contextually and culturally based?

  • 􏰀  What makes us laugh?

  • 􏰀  Are there negative aspects to humor?

    Participants will be expected to give presentations on a humorous topic of their choice, and a list of suggested topics will be circulated during the first class. It is likely that we will have 2-3 presentations for each class, depending on participants’ choices. Some presentations might take longer than others if media is involved.

    Suggested topics might range from Abbott and Costello to Lucille Ball to Dave Barry to “Saturday Night Live” to late night comics to ....

    We will also have short “shadow” assignments from week to week that will invite us to explore humor in our daily contexts. The facilitator will provide short readings. No book is required.