Building Bigger II

Facilitators:        Bob & Linda Messersmit, 493-0707,
Dates:                Mondays, March 19 — April 30, 2018      (7 weeks)
Time:                 9:30 AM - 11:30 AM
Text:                  None                                               Presentations:     None required

In the fall 2017 term, we presented the Building Bigger course and concentrated on four major categories: Bridges, Skyscrapers, Domes and Tunnels, with examples of each. As a follow-up to that class we will focus on two other categories of major structures Dams & Canals, as well as further explore additional examples of Bridges, Skyscrapers and Domes. While there are fewer Dams and Canals now being built, they are some of the most expensive in terms of time and money, require complex and demanding construction efforts and their impact on our lives is immense.

This will be a different class than Building Bigger. You need not have taken that class to enjoy Building Bigger II. Each week will feature a DVD illustrating the week’s topic with a short introductory PowerPoint presentation. The remaining time will be allotted for group discussion and questions. This class will be for seven weeks only.