Laureates of History

Facilitator:   Dale Hein, 484-7730, Dates:          Mondays, September 10 — October 29, 2018 Time:            9:30 AM - 11:30 AM                           Text:            Heroes of History, by Will Durant, Simon & Schuster, 2001. Use this exact edition since the page numbers fit the class syllabus                     Presentations: None

This course is not a history of warriors, battles and conquest. Our discussions will emphasize culture, philosophy and creativity of historic civilizations from ca. 2000 BCE to ca. 1600 CE. We shall concentrate on contributors in humanities -- for example: poetry of Confucius, five centuries BCE in China; philosophy of Pericles in ancient Athens; art of Leonardo and Michelangelo in the Renaissance.

We shall emphasize inquiry and discussion, not lectures or reports. No formal presentations are planned. The facilitator will serve as discussion moderator and provide a few seed questions each week. We shall read about 30 pages of text each week. Each class member will serve once as a savant or a brief reviewer for one important contributor to cultural features of a historic civilization.

This course should not be a weekly obligation, rather an opportunity to exchange views on history of our cultural heritage. The text is inviting, more than demanding.