The Electric Grid

Facilitator:     Sidna Rachid, 337-9568,                                      Dates:           Tuesdays, January 9–February 27, 201  Time:             1:30 PM - 1:30 PM                            Text:             Recommended The Grid by Gretchen Bakke. Reports and articles available on the internet will be used Presentations: Required

The electric grid sounds like a boring topic, but it’s fascinating. We’ll start by learning about the history of the grid and electricity in America, move on to the era of deregulation and Enron, learn about our local grid, hopefully with a field trip, and then try to look into the future. How will public utilities (which aren’t public) handle the increasing use of renewable energy? What will happen to the grid as storms become more destructive? Will Puerto Rico rebuild their electric infrastructure with solar panels and batteries? Will Elon Musk and Tesla take over the world as far as the electric grid goes?

America’s electric grid, which was an engineering feat of the twentieth century, will have to change dramatically in the years to come. Please join me as we try to look into the future.