More Really Big Questions

Facilitator:      Mac MacNeill, 377-2012,                                      Dates:             Thursdays, January 14—March 3, 2016  Time:              9:30 AM 11:30 AM                         Text:               None                                 Presentations:  None                                                         

In the More Really Big Questions class, we will discuss 15 new or expanded questions, mostly concerning contemporary ethical conundrums. Some of the questions we will discuss include:

  • 􏰀  What happens when free speech and hate speech collide?

  • 􏰀  Should the death penalty be abolished?

  • 􏰀  What rights do the homeless and panhandlers have?

  • 􏰀  Is terrorism ever justified?

  • 􏰀  What are the ethical questions around water in the West?

  • 􏰀  What obligations do corporations have?

  • 􏰀  What, if anything, unifies American?

  • 􏰀  What is the role of men in the 21st century?

  • 􏰀  Should we be allowed to sell our organs?

  • 􏰀  What ethical issues are raised by climate change?

    No participant presentations will be made and no book is required, just your intellectual curiosity and willingness share your thought and opinions during guided discussion. If you aren’t com- fortable having your opinions challenged, you shouldn’t take this class.

    The questions are freestanding and participation in the earlier Really, Really Big Questions class isn’t required or necessary. Join us as we discuss More Really Big Questions