Mystery Lovers Unite  

Facilitator:     Linda Messersmith, 970-493-0707,                                      Dates:            Mondays, January 11—February 29, 2016 Time:             9:30 AM 11:30 AM                         Text:              None                                  Presentations: Class members will be expected to share a favorite mystery novel with the group.

Whether you are an unabashed consumer of mystery books, a closet reader of mysteries, or maybe you’ve never read a mystery at all, this is the class for you! Many of us devour mystery novels and have favorites we would love to share with others.

We will explore the genre and its history. Then members of the class will introduce their personal favorites. It may be a certain book or a favorite detective series from Sherlock Holmes through Agatha Christie through Kurt Wallender or Louise Penny.

Come and share the wide, wide world of mystery novels!