Building Bigger

Facilitators:     Bob & Linda Messersmith, 493-0707,                                        Dates:             Thursdays, September 14-November 2, 2017                                                                    Time:              9:30 AM - 11:30 AM                         Text:               None                                 Presentations:  None

Class will be limited to 18 participants

Have you ever wondered how skyscrapers get so tall, yet don't fall over? Or how bridges can carry so much traffic and not collapse? Or when you are driving through a tunnel do you ever wonder how the rock and water surrounding you are kept out?

This course is designed to engage the class participants’ imaginations and to get them thinking about structures they see and use everyday - bridges, skyscrapers, and tunnels. Along the way we will meet the courageous creators and builders while revealing both the deadly disasters and the personal triumphs behind these breathtaking structures.

This is not a technical course; but a glimpse into the history of structures.