Speeches That Transformed History

Facilitator:      Marc Salkin, 226-5660, msalkin5@hotmail.com                                          Dates:             Wednesdays, January 10-February 14, 2018 (6 classes)                                                            Time:              9:30 AM - 11:30 AM                          Text:               Speeches widely available for reading and viewing; we'll listen, watch, and/or read each of the speeches in class.                                       Presentations:   None required

Spoken words have shaken empires; great speeches work their particular magic in a variety of settings, with diverse audiences, at times offering hope to the desperate, and then again uplifting some while terrifying others. The speeches our class will read, watch and listen to are notable for their historical power and literary merit, so we'll seek to understand both the context in which the speeches under consideration were first delivered and the qualities which have enabled them to endure. While the speeches will be selected by the facilitator in advance, we'll discover together why some spoken words may truly be judged as "words that ring through time."