Learn to Read Art Like You Read a Book

Facilitators:   Gail McNeill, 377-2012, mcneil0115@comcast.net and                                                  Lynn Lukin, 223-0562, luckebreak@comcast.net
Dates:            Wednesdays, September 16 – November 4, 2015                                                                    Time:             9:30 AM - 11:30 AM                               Text:              None                                                       Presentations: Not required but some members will lead a discussion

Art enriches our lives every day. We see it in our homes, in the architecture of the buildings around us, and in the museums and art galleries we visit (often as part of a Front Range Forum class or program). But art can be intimidating, even overwhelming, to a lay person. This course is designed to provide a basic art foundation to increase your understanding and enjoyment of the amazing world of art. Unlike the first part of this course, there will be no ‘hands-on’. This will be a listening, viewing, and discussion course.

Each week we will view and discuss two 30-minute video lectures from How to Look at and Understand Great Art, by Professor Sharon Hirsh, an excellent lecturer, art historian and professor. This set of videos will begin with early Italian Renaissance art and move through Neo-Classicism and Romanticism, Cubism, and on to Post Modernism. That’s a lot of artistic territory to cover. No previous knowledge of art or art history is required.