Mistakes and Mistaken Thinking

Facilitator:       Mary McClintock, 484-5163, mcclintockm@comcast.net                                      Dates:               Mondays, January 8 - February 26, 2018 Time:                1:30 PM - 3:30 PM                         Text:                 Why We Make Mistakes by Joseph T. Hallinan, Recommended, not required          Presentations:    Will be required by 11 class members

Mistakes: we all make them, all the time! Mistakes lead to failure—and examination of failure leads to success. This course will be about mistakes, and mistaken thinking, including perception, cognitive biases, cognitive dissonance and why memory is fallible. We’ll examine why we justify foolish beliefs, bad decisions and hurtful acts. We’ll look at how the airline industry studies every crash to determine what went wrong, in contrast to medical science, which is much less amenable to the correction of mistakes. Three videos will be shown during the first 3 classes: how we learn, inattentional blindness and how different groups solved a problem (kindergartners did as well as engineers.) Presentations on famous mistakes of the current day by 11 class members will be required. Presentations will be 25 minutes in length. Let’s examine how and why mistakes are made---maybe we’ll all do better in the future!