Baseball Tales

Facilitator:    Fred Schrekinger, 223-8957,
Dates:            Mondays, September 10– October 29, 2018
Time:             1:30 PM - 3:30 PM
Text:              None
Presentations: Required

Baseball may or may not be the American Pastime but it is still a sport that generates passion among fans, players, and the media. It is a sport that has a rich history and rouses story telling at all levels. This course will kindle passion for existing fans, grow interest in those who may be exploring baseball as an avocation. It may also provide a platform for participants with baseball stories to share. We will also take the opportunity to discuss the playoffs and World Series which will occur contemporaneously with the class. Baseball statistics and baseball business issues will be discouraged.

Some Pulitzer Prize winning authors have written on the subject including Doris Kearns Goodwin, David Halberstam, George Will, and David Maraniss. Other notable authors are Philip Roth, Roger Kahn, Roger Angell, and J.P. Kinsella. Somewhere there is a list of 501 books.

Baseball is seen by many as a metaphor for life. Some have counted as many as 29 ways. Some of them include: Unlike other sports there is no clock. A game can be long or short. It literally isn’t over until it is over. The beginning does not necessarily have anything to do with the end.
The best players fail a lot of times, more often than not as batters.

It is a team sport with many specialties. While it has statistics that track what is likely to happen, there are always outliers, exceptions and anomalies. Baseball slumps mirror life. No one knows what causes them or how long they will last. But, of course, it can also get exciting at any time.

Baseball is a gentlemanly sport with many unwritten rules of etiquette unlike most other sports. Topics may include baseball stadiums, baseball expansion over the past 70 years, baseball’s unwritten rules and codes, or women’s leagues, Negro leagues, diversity in baseball, baseball’s reserve clause, or baseball in Denver before the Rockies. The Rockies since their inception, and other topics as well.