Improving Your Vacation Photographs

Facilitator:       Mac McNeill, 377-2012,
Dates:              Tuesdays, March 20– May 8, 2018
Time:               9:30 AM - 11:30 A M
Text:                None
Presentations:   None

Do your vacation photographs put your audience to sleep? Do the photos fail to convey the beauty, excitement, and spirit of the places you visit? In this course, you’ll learn how to improve your vacation photographs so that your images will wow your viewers.

The heart of the course will be video lectures on photography from two Teaching Company programs. We will supplement the Tuesday morning classroom videos with hands-on field practice, meeting four or five times in or close to Fort Collins. The field trips will be scheduled on Thursdays or Saturdays, either in the early morning or late in the afternoon, depending on our subject. The dates and times of field trips will be known before the first class. You will email your best images to me and I’ll present them anonymously to the class for critique.

While you don’t have to do any presentations, there are a number of requirements.

Getting good shots doesn’t require an expensive camera but it does require that you have some control over it. You must have a camera that allows you to:

  • select aperture priority mode (the mode you will most often use),
  • select different ISO levels (the sensitivity level of your camera’s sensor),
  • adjust exposure compensation,
  • turn off your flash (the biggest reason for bad images),
  • and adjust the focal length of your lens (a zoom lens or interchangeable lenses).

You have to know how to download images to your computer, make some basic adjustments to them, and
how to email them to me for inclusion in the reviews. The software is probably already on your computer or can be downloaded for free. We’ll spend a little time on this subject in Week 1.

You need to be committed to attending both the class and the field practices and taking part in the image reviews. Things come up that can’t be prevented but please enter the class with the expectation of being a full participant. The class size is being limited to 12 people so we can all have a chance to share our images.

If you have questions or concerns, see me at the Meet the Facilitators or contact me to discuss them before signing up for the class.

Learning how to take better photographs can’t be done by watching videos alone. You have to practice what you learn. I think you’ll find that going out as a group to photograph is a fun experience. Seeing what others photographed will open your eyes to the wide variety of interesting images available in almost any setting.

Join us as we strive to improve our vacation photographs.