Understanding World Religions

Facilitator:    Sylvia Panella, 631-3608, borgpnm@yahoo.com                                             Dates:          Tuesdays, September 12-October 31, 2017 Time:            1:30 PM - 3:30 PM                             Text:            Understanding World Religions in 15 minutes a Day, Garry R. Morgan                             Presentations: Brief presentation on a topic of your choice

The frequently heard statement "all religions are basically the same" is based on a superficial observation. Not only are there significant varieties of religious beliefs, within any given religion there are disparities in some beliefs and practices. In this course we will cover various religions of the world ranging from Hinduism to Christianity to New Age Religions. We will go back in time exploring the roots of religion and humanity's quest to comprehend the world and our place within it.