Biotic Extinction

Facilitator:    Dale Hein,                                         Dates:           Wednesdays, January 13—March 2, 2016 Time:             9:30 AM 11:30 AM                          Text:              The Sixth Extinction: An Unnatural History by Elizabeth Kolbert
Presentations: Not required, but each member will lead a discussion

Change is the first rule of nature. Species continue to evolve and later become extinct. Five times in the history of Earth, up to 80% of all species have gone extinct in brief periods of geologic time. Scientific evidence indicates that a sixth mass extinction has begun due to human activities.

How will we respond to increasing extinctions? The author of our text offers documented examples from scientists whom she joins in their research. Her writing makes science clear and engaging for non- scientists.

Each week, we shall read 2 chapters in the text. One person will lead a review and discussion of each chapter, @ 20 pages, that all will have read. In addition, each week, one participant may select another ap- proved topic to present to the class. The main role for all 3 leaders will be to stimulate and lead class discus- sion. ** We shall learn from each other. ** Note: In this class, we will not use a microphone, which is too disruptive in group discussion.