Miracles and How They Were Performed: Renaissance Perspective for the Theatre 


Facilitator:     Bob Braddy, 225 0911 (home) 420 6292 (Cell), r35braddy@gmail.com                                 Dates:             Tuesdays, September 15 –November 3, 2015
Time:             9:30 AM - 11:30 A M
Text:              None                                               Presentations: Brief presentations will be given as the models are built. 

Certainly by the last quarter of the15th Century, Italian artists and architects had refined two dimensional geometric perspective by adding the third dimension for use as theatrical scenery. This amazing art served all the purposes for which it was developed. The plays appeared almost real and were beautiful to behold. At the same time, they fulfilled the social and political needs of the performance. But such an art was extraordinarily difficult to achieve. We will look at the reasons for the development of three dimensional perspective as well as at least one method of accomplishing it. To that end, we will build a scale half-model of a theatre, auditorial area, and a setting for a fictitious play. Finally, we should be able to draw some conclusions about contemporary theatres and scenery.

There will be no text book. There will probably be a small ($10.00?) charge for materials and tools.