From the President’s Corner

It is getting close to Thanksgiving and the Front Range Forum owes its gratitude to several people who don’t often get recognized. So here goes:

Facilitators: We couldn’t operate without you! Your commitment of time and energy goes far beyond just class time. We can’t thank you enough!
Senior Center and Technical Staff: The cooperation of the Senior Center staff is a tremendous asset to FRF. Sometimes the equipment doesn’t sync, but it is not for lack of trying by staff members. We are a pretty demanding group and they serve us well.
Edie Held: An unsung hero for many years, she is responsible for the name tents that we use in every class. Edie and her husband Bernie are one of the earliest supporters of Front Range Forum and continue to participate as they can.
Gail McNeill: Gail is our resident refreshment coordinator. So next time you attend a Meet the Facilitators or other event for the entire membership, be sure to thank Gail, not only for the goodies, but also for making them so delectable!

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone,

Linda Messersmith President 

From the President's Corner

Hello everyone,

On a hot, hot day in July, I find it pleasant to be thinking ahead to fall. So I hope you will check out the Front Range Forum classes we have lined up for the fall session. As usual, there are a broad range of subjects offered.

The Meet the Facilitators Event on Thursday, August 3 (3 pm to 4pm) is when registration opens for fall classes. We encourage you to register at the event or on this website at

Also, there is a Forum Trip coming up during the fall. Remember that these trips have limited space and fill up very quickly, so if you are interested, plan to register early.

Also, check out our new noontime program for Tuesdays. Not strictly a class, but a wonderful opportunity to discuss an ever intriguing subject.

Enjoy the rest of the summer,
Linda Messersmith, President 

Front Range Forum Summer Events

From the President’s Corner

Hello all and welcome to the FRF Summer Events Program! As you know, we don’t offer classes in the summer, but over the last several years we have added summer activities. And this year we have so many activities scheduled that we needed a newsletter to cover them. So, watch your mailbox for the Summer issue of the Newsletter. Some activities require registration at the Senior Center Front Desk, but some are ongoing and you can just drop in as you please. And remember you should always check the FRF website for any last minute updates.

As a reminder, when guests arrive for any of our activities they need only to stop at the Front Desk and tell them which event they are attending.

Special thanks to the board members and other members who have taken on the extra tasks for this summer’s programs.

Linda Messersmith

From the President's Corner

With the winter classes well underway, Front Range Forum is looking ahead to Spring. We have a full slate of excellent classes scheduled. Check the details in the newsletter or on this website.

The Meet the Facilitators event will be held on February 9th from 3 to 4:00. Plan on attending to discuss the classes with the facilitators, register (if you have decided which class you want to take) and enjoy the yummy refreshments as you catch up with other members.

Just a reminder that you make a commitment when you register for a Front Range Forum class. We hope you will only sign up for a class when you have every intention of attending that class. When members sign up and then drop out before the class starts, it is very difficult and time consuming to sort this out. Please consider your commitments carefully – before you register for a class.

Linda Messersmith, President

From the President's Corner

This month I thought we should review the dynamics of the Front Range Forum Class Lottery. As you know, when registration for a class reaches the limit, the Front Range Forum Registrar conducts a lottery to determine who will be in the class. The limit is usually established by the facilitator, but a factor can also be the size and/or layout of the classroom. Here’s how the lottery works:

Once registration is closed the entire list of registrations for each class is reviewed by the registrar to determine whether the class is over-subscribed.

If it is, the decision is made to take the class into lottery.

The  first priority for inclusion in the class is NEW members to FRF. If this is someone’s very  first registration they go to the top of the list.

The second priority is facilitator vouchers. When someone facilitates a class they go on a voucher list. This means they can select a class to activate a voucher. If they choose to use one for this class, they will go on the list next.

Everyone else’s name goes into the lottery pot. Names are selected one by one until the class is  filled.

Facilitators receive a list of people registered for their class. They also receive names of those who did not get into the class, so facilitators can replace any dropouts from that list.

The  time of registration has no impact on the lottery process.

We expect people to register only for classes they plan to attend. It is unfair to facilitators and other FRF members if you sign up for more classes than you plan to go to and then drop one of them. This means people who really want to attend may not get in a class. It may also require facilitators to adjust their plans for the class.

Linda Messersmith, President

From the President's Corner

Welcome to the 2016-2017 Front Range Forum. The fall classes are listed in the latest issue of our  newsletter and on our website. As usual there is a fine line-up of subjects for you to choose from.

Registration will open at the Meet the Facilitators event on August 11 from 2:30 – 3:30 PM at the Senior Center. You can register at the August 11th meeting, directly from the website or by returning the completed paper registration form to the Senior Center.

We always encourage you to attend this event. Now there is another reason to attend. Members who attend will be asked to select one course and sign up with the Registrar at the event. After registration is closed (August 26), Sharon will review the list and make sure that those people on the list get priority over those who did not attend the fair. Who wants to miss a chance to beat the lottery!

See you there!
Linda Messersmith, President

From the President’s Corner

A Salute to all Front Range Forum Members!
New Members! We have had a lot of new people join the Forum. That’s great! All of you have fascinating backgrounds and can add a lot to our classes. We want to get to know you, make you feel at ease and part of the group. We’re glad to have you!

Old-timers! Not that we are that old. I would never say that! But being a member of the Front Range Forum for several years means that you have a participated in many classes. Each class has expanded your knowledge and what you can bring to a class. We’re glad to have you!

Note to All Members:
Don’t miss the Meet the Facilitators event on Feb. 11 at 2:30 at the Senior Center. You can talk to the facilitators of the Spring classes to find out what they planned. And there will be refreshments!

All registration questions should be directed to me this session. Sharon & Dwain Bloyer are out of the country for several weeks, so I’m their short term replacement.

Phone: 493-0707 or

Linda Messersmith, President

From the President's Corner

Fall classes are winding down and here is our new list of classes and other activities that will start the week of January 11th. As usual there is a great lineup of choices: literature, history, science and music classes.

Front Range Forum will once again be offering on-line registration for the winter classes through our website This session we will open registration on the website on October 27, when the newsletter begins distribution. Computers will again be available at the Meet the Facilitators Event on November 12th from 2:30 PM to 3:30 PM at the Senior Center. This event is a great opportunity to meet the facilitators of the upcoming classes, share a social hour – refreshments provided! – with other Forum members, and complete your registration. Registration for winter classes will close on November 20th.

We are always on the lookout for class ideas and facilitators. Please share your ideas and suggestions with any Front Range Forum facilitator or board member. Better yet, offer to facilitate a class about your favorite subject. There are plenty of people to assist you in planning a class. And the best part is that you’ll find that as a facilitator, you will learn a lot more about your favorite subject. And it is fun!

Best Wishes for a Happy Holiday season, Linda Messersmith, President

From the President's Corner

It may be mid-summer, but Front Range Forum is now focused on the fall season ahead. We have some great, interesting classes, programs and trips scheduled for the fall, so check out the details in our newsletter and, of course, and on this website.

● Changes to Registration for Forum Classes: We will be introducing web registration at the Meet the Facilitators event on August 13. Board members will be available to walk you through the process there. And, while we encourage web registration, paper registration is still available.

● There have been some changes to responsibilities for some board functions. Thanks to Mary McClintock for her work as Registrar in the past few years. It is probably our most underappreciated and most demanding job. Mary is now our Secretary. Sidna Rachid is taking over the Facilitator Coordinator job from Sharon Bloyer, who survived the “Year of New Technology.” And, moving from the frying pan into the fire are Sharon & Dwain Bloyer, our new Registrars.

● Bob King has retired from the Forum Board after 20 years. Thanks to Bob for his dedication to the Forum, his sense of humor and for setting the record of the most classes taken in one session. I think it was five. Hats off to Bob!

The Forum’s Meet the Facilitators event is scheduled from 2:30 – 3:30 pm on August 13th at the Senior Center. See you there!

Linda Messersmith, President


A message to our members before summer break  -  wait! Front Range Forum doesn’t have a summer break! In fact this issue of our newsletter features several of our upcoming summer activities. We have TWO arts programs this year, a trip to Golden, a local tasting tour and Front Range Forum Reads. Read about them and register – they’ll be filled fast, I suspect. 

And then we have a regular program that will continue through the summer: Front Range Forum Goes to the Movies. The 2nd Wednesday of every month will feature a “Summer Movie” in the auditorium theater: 1:30 for popcorn, 2:00 for the movie. We will be showing special movies chosen for summertime enjoyment.  Announcements of the coming attractions will be made at the May 13th movie showing and at the annual meeting on June 17.

And our annual meeting is scheduled for June 17 at 1:30 in the auditorium theater. Special attraction: Mary Shelley performer …….. and ICE CREAM. Please join us – this is definitely not your deadly dull business meeting!

Enjoy our summer,
Linda Messersmith