From the President's Corner

It may be mid-summer, but Front Range Forum is now focused on the fall season ahead. We have some great, interesting classes, programs and trips scheduled for the fall, so check out the details in our newsletter and, of course, and on this website.

● Changes to Registration for Forum Classes: We will be introducing web registration at the Meet the Facilitators event on August 13. Board members will be available to walk you through the process there. And, while we encourage web registration, paper registration is still available.

● There have been some changes to responsibilities for some board functions. Thanks to Mary McClintock for her work as Registrar in the past few years. It is probably our most underappreciated and most demanding job. Mary is now our Secretary. Sidna Rachid is taking over the Facilitator Coordinator job from Sharon Bloyer, who survived the “Year of New Technology.” And, moving from the frying pan into the fire are Sharon & Dwain Bloyer, our new Registrars.

● Bob King has retired from the Forum Board after 20 years. Thanks to Bob for his dedication to the Forum, his sense of humor and for setting the record of the most classes taken in one session. I think it was five. Hats off to Bob!

The Forum’s Meet the Facilitators event is scheduled from 2:30 – 3:30 pm on August 13th at the Senior Center. See you there!

Linda Messersmith, President