From the President's Corner

This month I thought we should review the dynamics of the Front Range Forum Class Lottery. As you know, when registration for a class reaches the limit, the Front Range Forum Registrar conducts a lottery to determine who will be in the class. The limit is usually established by the facilitator, but a factor can also be the size and/or layout of the classroom. Here’s how the lottery works:

Once registration is closed the entire list of registrations for each class is reviewed by the registrar to determine whether the class is over-subscribed.

If it is, the decision is made to take the class into lottery.

The  first priority for inclusion in the class is NEW members to FRF. If this is someone’s very  first registration they go to the top of the list.

The second priority is facilitator vouchers. When someone facilitates a class they go on a voucher list. This means they can select a class to activate a voucher. If they choose to use one for this class, they will go on the list next.

Everyone else’s name goes into the lottery pot. Names are selected one by one until the class is  filled.

Facilitators receive a list of people registered for their class. They also receive names of those who did not get into the class, so facilitators can replace any dropouts from that list.

The  time of registration has no impact on the lottery process.

We expect people to register only for classes they plan to attend. It is unfair to facilitators and other FRF members if you sign up for more classes than you plan to go to and then drop one of them. This means people who really want to attend may not get in a class. It may also require facilitators to adjust their plans for the class.

Linda Messersmith, President