From the President’s Corner

It is getting close to Thanksgiving and the Front Range Forum owes its gratitude to several people who don’t often get recognized. So here goes:

Facilitators: We couldn’t operate without you! Your commitment of time and energy goes far beyond just class time. We can’t thank you enough!
Senior Center and Technical Staff: The cooperation of the Senior Center staff is a tremendous asset to FRF. Sometimes the equipment doesn’t sync, but it is not for lack of trying by staff members. We are a pretty demanding group and they serve us well.
Edie Held: An unsung hero for many years, she is responsible for the name tents that we use in every class. Edie and her husband Bernie are one of the earliest supporters of Front Range Forum and continue to participate as they can.
Gail McNeill: Gail is our resident refreshment coordinator. So next time you attend a Meet the Facilitators or other event for the entire membership, be sure to thank Gail, not only for the goodies, but also for making them so delectable!

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone,

Linda Messersmith President