From the President's Corner

By now most of you know that Front Range Forum is an all-volunteer organization. There is a liaison staff person, Sue Shafer, from the Senior Center along with the ever helpful Senior Center staff who set up the rooms and provide coffee, but that is it. Pretty amazing that we can provide 24 classes a year, movies, Front Range Forum Reads and Presents events plus additional programs throughout the year. The dedication of our facilitators and board members is awesome. Which brings me to our current situation: Additional Volunteers Wanted. There are several slots that we need someone to volunteer to cover.

Front Range Forum Trips – We have typically provided 2    or 3 trips each year, frequently to a museum or special event in Denver. Jack Steele handled them, with Senior Center staff assistance, but Jack unfortunately had to step down. There are ideas in place and people to help, but we need someone who can take over this responsibility.

Nominating Committee – This year we need to elect a new President/ Chairman. We would like to have a FRF member not currently on the board to serve on this short-term committee.

Please call or email me if you are interested in either of these slots.

ANNOUNCEMENT: In just 3 years since web registration started, we have reached the point where about 80% of FRF registration now comes from the web site. This is a major accomplishment. Accordingly, we are planning to phase out paper registrations beginning with the Spring 2019 class session. There will always be computers available at the Meet the Facilitators event, so everyone will have the opportunity to register online.

This month's Special Thanks goes to Carl Wilmsen, who is the editor for the FRF Newsletters (4 times a year). For several years Carl has handled this task, which involves lots of work and plenty of frustration, with patience and competence. Thanks, Carl!

Linda Messersmith President