From the President's Corner

With excitement abounding, FRF embarks on a new and lively eight-week period of enticing classes. Please read carefully the menu of Class offerings that will possibly whet your appetite. The selection is varied, thought-provoking, and with originality par excellence. This spring, a variety of activities is being offered. Our successful Lunch and Learn Series is continuing at a rapid pace. The month of April will once again delight members with our grand and glorious Shakespearean event. All of the above cannot function and be for your enjoyment and learning experience if FRF did not have the cooperation and volunteers that comprise this organization. So, if you have an idea, a special interest, an overall desire to present a class, please feel free to volunteer and facilitate a class.


FRF has moved into the 21st Century and all class registration will be only on-line.

Please Be Advised

The class lottery system will stay in place as it has been in the past. FRF newly-enrolled members will get their first choice. A message to all-existing members: If you have registered for more than one class, you will be enrolled in those classes. Class size is at the discretion of the facilitator.

And now a word from one of our facilitators

Due to many members being “lotteried-out” of From Fiction to Film, Judith Eastman is offering the course once again in the spring semester – same texts, same films, same Judith. So, interested members have another chance to take the course.

Have an enjoyable and rewarding educational experience this semester.

Bill Fennone - President