Play Analysis for Production

Facilitator:     Bob Braddy, 225-0911,
Dates:             Fridays, January 12–February 23, 2018    (7 weeks) 
Time:              9:30 AM - 11:30 AM
Text:               The Odd Couple (can be purchased by order) and Mariela in the Desert, if available
Presentations:  Only discussions

Ever wonder how the play you just read got onto the stage in the form that you see it? What went into the decisions someone made to cause it to look and sound like the event you are seeing on the stage in front of you? This course will analyze two plays as if they were to be produced by the class. Starting with the script, we will go through the process of deciding what the play is about and how we will convey that point to the audience.

This course is based on the following premise: Although the drama is generally understood to be one of the numerous forms of literature, it is in fact something very different. With exception to closet dramas which are intended only to be read, the drama is a performing art with its own aesthetic, manner of meeting its audience, and a unique form of audience appreciation. As an art, it perhaps has more in common with the symphony than the novel or poetry. In short, the drama is meant specifically to be performed. Although you can read them if you really want to.