The Great Mortality: How the Plague of the 14th Century Happened & Shaped Our World

Facilitators:     Phyllis Beckley, 520-780-6858,, & Linda Messersmith, 970-493-0707,                        Dates:             Tuesdays, March 21 – May 9, 2017   Time:              9:30 AM 11:30 A M                       Text:               None                                 Presentations:  Some, but not required

In the mid-14th century, a pandemic erupted in southern Europe and swept from the Mediterrean Sea to Scandinavia, causing about 20 million deaths.

Discover with us where the plague started, how it spread, the response of the people in the cities of Europe, and most importantly, how it caused changes in the social and economic fabric of medieval life that led to the Reformation and the Renaissance.

We will also explore whether our current civilization could be struck with another catastrophic pandemic and how we could respond.