Contemporary American Women Poets

Facilitator:        Bryan Fain, 214-5015, Dates:                Fridays, Sept. 14 –Nov. 2, 2018
Time:                 9:30 AM - 11:30 AM                      Text:                A Formal Feeling Comes: Poems in Form by Contemporary Women, edited by Annie Finch, Story Line Press 1994, $16 from Amazon              Presentations:   None

Using the poetry of contemporary women poets, we will discuss the insights poetry offers into what it is to be a woman in our society. We will share and benefit from each other’s approaches, skills and strategies employed in reading and responding to poetry, what we do when we read a poem, which poems resonate with our own experience, and which poetic voices validate and inform our own experiences.

The text includes a selection of poems written by 60 contemporary women poets. Each week you will read a short essay and two or three poems by eight or ten of the women poets. The first reading takes between one and two hours. In class we will read aloud and discuss the poems that most interest class participants.

There will be no class presentations required. Class participation will be voluntary and participant’s responses to the poems and essays will be welcomed, respected, valued and honored. Each participant has unique perspectives and experiences that will enrich the meanings of the poems and essays for the whole class.