Who Speaks Up for the Earth?

Facilitator:     David Bayer, 561-8231, davidrbay@gmail.com
Dates:              Thursdays, Sept. 13– Nov. 1, 2018    Time:              1:30 PM - 3:30 PM                           Text:               None                                 Presentations:  Required, see below

As far back as the early 1800s, which was also the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, writers, poets, artists and those who had first probed the complexity of the natural world, began to notice the early signs of degradation of planet earth. From these few early observers grew an increasing number who spoke out for “Mother Earth”...Nature Conservation was born.

This course will feature the well-known, and perhaps not so well-known, voices from the past who spoke up and illustrated the beauty and necessity of all parts of the natural world and the consequent responsibility we all have to preserve its integrity.

Each participant will be asked to highlight the life and accomplishments of an individual from a suggested list of well-known environmental/conservation activists/writers or artists. The resulting 30-35 minute presentation could be simply a spoken testimony, a PowerPoint presentation or an examination of significant works or illustrations of that individual.

The potential list could include: Alexander Humboldt, Henry David Thoreau, George Perkins Marsh, John Wesley Powell, John J. Audubon, Ansell Adams, John Muir, George Bird Grinnell, Clifford Pinchot, Teddy Roosevelt, Aldo Leopold, John Burroughs, Rachel Carson, Sigurd Olsen, Sylvia Earl, Paul Ehrlich, Stewart Udall, Senator Gaylord Nelson, Margaret Murie, Enos Miles, Harvey Broome, Benton MacKaye, Edward Abby, Rosalie Edge, etc.