“We love you Shakespeare, oh yes we do ...”

Facilitators:  Bill Fennone, (916) 212-0438, billfennone@yahoo.com and Ruth Merrill, 225-6416, rkc8@yahoo.com                                                  Dates:           Fridays, September 15–November 3, 2017 Time:            9:30 AM - 11:30 AM                           Text:             Julius Caesar and Much Ado About Nothing by William Shakespeare                             Presentations: Not required

Intrigue and power, love and betrayal. Themes in two plays—one a tragic history and one a lively comedy. We’ll explore Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, his shortest play, and Much Ado About Nothing.

Elizabethans would have been quick to pick up on the parallels between ancient Rome becoming an imperial power and Elizabeth’s consolidation of the powers of the English monarchy. The political intrigue of Julius Caesar has been familiar to contemporary audiences for over 400 years.

Much Ado About Nothing takes intrigue and power in another direction, where brothers, brothers-in-arms and their ladies move through intrigue, power struggles, and betrayals, both real and feigned. This play showcases Shakespeare’s brilliant word play as it moves through familiar themes.

The class will consist of discussions and shared reading of selected scenes from each play. To give each work more depth, class members should come prepared with a favorite scene or two to be read aloud by class members.

Let’s enjoy our continued journey through the world of Shakespeare, his plays, his life and his genius. Let’s enjoy gaining a greater understanding and appreciation of Shakespeare’s talents that continue to transcend time.