The History of Textiles

Facilitator: Sylvia Panella, 631-3608, Dates: Thursdays, January 10– February 28, 2019 Time: 9:30 AM - 11:30 AM Text: World of Textiles: A Concise History by Mary Schoesser, $15.45 new, $5.58 used

The history of textiles, more than that of any other artifact, is the history of human ingenuity. Textiles are also a central part of human consciousness. We have long used textile ideas to describe ourselves, our societies and even our place in the universe. A bit of cloth - whether it be woolen or cotton, linen or silk - is one of the most interesting evidences of man’s climbing from days of savagery to 21st century civilizations. In this class we’ll explore the richness and diversity of textiles and the worldwide connections and influences of materials, techniques and forms used in ancient times, which are still in use today. We will also have an insight on how textiles are not only the subject of technology, but also of ritual, tribute, language art and personal identity.