Walls that Separate

Facilitator: Pat Skrentny-Lamb, 631-8582, pskrentnylamb@gmail.com Dates: Tuesdays, March 19–April 23, 2019 (6 weeks) Time: 1:30 PM—3:30 PM Text: The Age of Walls: How Barriers Between Nations are Changing Our World, by Tim Marshall Presentations: Volunteers will be asked to make a presentation

In 1987 President Ronald Reagan gave his famous speech at Brandenburg Gate in front of the Berlin Wall and told Russian leader Mikhail Gorbachev to “Tear Down This Wall.” Thirty-two years later an American President is asking Congress for billions of dollars to make a “beautiful” fortified wall to keep illegal immigrants from entering America at the Mexican border. In this class we will discuss walls in history both physical and cultural that help to keep humans separated on this planet. Lectures will cover walls in China, the USA, Israel and Palestine, the Middle East, the Indian Subcontinent, Africa, Europe, and the UK.

We will also discuss the the effectiveness of walls and whether they really do make good neighbors.