What is Chamber Music Anyway?

Facilitator:    Linda Messersmith, 493-0707,                                          messer@mindspring.com                           Dates:           Mondays, January 12 - February 2 , 2015                         (Four Weeks)                                             Time:             1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
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Do you enjoy chamber music concerts? Have you never been to a chamber music concert? Do you know why it is called “Intimate Music”?

This 4-week class is designed to provide a very basic introduction to chamber music in the hope that it will arouse your interest. We will cover the genre and its origins, which preceded orchestral music, and determine what makes music, chamber music. We will review the venues, the basic instruments and the composers of the traditional repertoire. We will listen to some chamber music, some of which may surprise you. Local chamber music artists will be utilized to speak on various composers and instruments. You will definitely learn why both musicians and audiences enjoy the chamber music experience. And we hope to have a good time while doing that!