What Life Was Like

Facilitators:    Sharon & Dwain Bloyer, 936-689-0031, s_bloyer@yahoo.com                                             Dates:             Tuesdays, March 22—May 10, 2016    Time:              1:30 PM - 3:30 PM                            Text:                A book from the Time-Life series “What Life was Like” will be provided by the facilitators Presentations:  Required

Have you ever wondered what life was like way back when? Well, this course gives you a chance to find out the answers. Each presenter will be given a book from the Time-Life series “What Life was Like” and will report on that place at that specific time period. The editors and researchers of Time-Life Books have delved deeply into the collections of scholars, travelers, museums, and universities in order to assemble an accurate depiction of ancient daily life. Brought together in an original and appealing way, each detail, image, anecdote, and historical nugget offers you an unique experience--what life was like.

Each presentation will be approximately 20-30 minutes long with 15 minutes available for discussion. The book can be purchased for $5 or given back to the facilitators.