World’s Greatest Churches

Facilitators:   Mac & Gail McNeill, 377-2012,                                        Dates:           Mondays, March 21— May 9, 2016       Time:            9:30 AM - 11:30 AM                            Text:             None                                    Presentations: None, Class Discussion

In a visually dazzling lecture series, The World’s Greatest Churches, Great Courses Professor William R. Cook leads a guided tour of the churches and cathedrals of Christianity that he considers to be among the most outstanding, memorable, and meaningful in the world. Lavishly illustrated with his personal photos, detailed floor plans, and 3-D models, these lectures explore church architecture, art, culture, history, and symbolism, crossing the globe from some of the grandest metropolitan cathedrals, like Chartres Cathedral and St. Peter’s Basilica, to less-known gems such as the stave churches of Norway and the pilgrimage shrines of Latin America.

We will cover 16 of the 24 lectures during the eight classes, watching and discussing two 30-minute videos each class. No presentations are required and there isn’t a required text. Investigating the churches online before class will enrich the experience for you and make you a more active participant in the discussion.

Join us and Professor Cook as we study these iconic masterworks of world civilization.