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Front Range Forum at the Movies

The Twinberry Theater at the Fort Collins Senior Center is the venue for our next movie playing on Wednesday, May 13. Doors open at 1:30 pm, the movie starts at 2:00 pm. There will be free popcorn available. Following the movie, a facilitator-led discussion will allow viewers to participate in a dialogue on the film. 

This is a coming-of-age piece, drenched in nostalgia.  Director Robert Mulligan ("To Kill a Mockingbird" among many others) narrates the film as the grown up counterpart of Hermie (Gary Grimes), a 15 year old teenager of the War years who has a crush on Dorothy (Jennifer O'Neill), married in her early 20s.  Amused by Hermie's attention (her husband is off to War), but never thought of in sexual terms.  Things change when Dorothy's husband is killed in battle.  An Academy Award went to Michel LeGrand's evocative musical score.